​Andrea’s innovative and effective way of dealing with men led to her success in the male-dominated sports world, where she was the one and only female business manager of a professional men’s basketball team in Europe, Alba Berlin Basketball Team, then worked for Berlin Capitals EIS (ICE) Hockey Team and became the Sports Sales Manager for Ticket Online, working with all professional sports teams in Germany. In those positions, she negotiated with male managers of other German and European teams and agents, dealt with male players and their families on a daily basis, worked with male sponsors, handled the mostly male sports press, and oversaw game operations with mostly male colleagues. After moving to Dallas in 2000, Andrea created The Relationship Coaches, where she is coaching men and women on how to improve their business and personal relationship(s) with the other gender. Andrea is a certified personal coach and corporate trainer, giving gender communication seminars in big corporations and coaching individuals. Andrea is also the Executive Managing Director of the eWomenNetwork Chapters North Dallas and NE Tarrant County.
Andrea Jones

Years of experience: 15+

Expertise: Female Executive Training

Richard Jones

Years of experience: 10+

Expertise: Team Building, Leadership 

Taleisha Jones

Years of experience: 5

Expertise: Workplace Solutions

Tianna Jones

Years of experience: 2

Expertise: Media & PR

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If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then Andrea Jones is definitely from Earth, providing a middle-ground perspective to men and women in both their personal and professional relationships with the opposite gender. A native of Berlin, Germany, Andrea has more than 15 years of experience working in leadership positions in mostly male-dominated work environments, including being the first woman to participate in an intense five-year leadership training program at Commerzbank Berlin.