When You Say It...

While understanding communication strategies are vital to the health of an organization, there is one component that Andrea is known to address in a way that transform how these strategies are applied. That is “when to say” what you need to say.

Each communication style has its own characteristics. Knowing, understanding and appropriately applying your communication style can powerfully affect the impact you, your team and your company culture will have. Andrea works with you and your team on defining and shifting what is being communicated and how that level of communications affects teamwork, productivity, gender relations and the company culture.

Each communication skills training and all leadership training programs and executive leadership training programs are customized.

What You Say...

For over twenty years Andrea has provided personal growth, communication development and consulting services to businesses, organizations and associations across the globe. The type of change Andrea is committed to goes beyond the general communications program. Her direct yet creative approach encompasses real behavioral change. This type of change enables people to build and re-establish effective communications relationships.  

Leadership Training Programs

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