Andrea’s programs are designed to meet your objectives and the needs of audience members...this guarantees RESULTS. Andrea's expertise, insight and creativity make her customized programs powerful and effective!

  • Andrea educates and entertains her audience
  • Andrea provides concrete information collected over years from experience in leadership, marketing and communication
  • Andrea combines laughter with her expertise and experiences to be a powerful, funny, content rich expert
  • Andrea goes to unbelievable lengths to get the job done
  • Andrea Involves the audience in teambuilding exercises and mixes it with laughter
  • Andrea gets the audience to stand up and open up
  • Andrea personalizes each and  every talk to your situation
  • Andrea spends hours researching your company, group or situation about which she is speaking. 

Why Have So Many Corporations and Executives Chosen to Hire Andrea?

The reason is – Andrea is different. Her high energy, humorous, and powerful approach is both entertaining and thought provoking. She educates her audience
and through her experience in being highly successful in corporations in Europe AND the United States she provides an entirely new perspective. Andrea inspires
to think “outside the box”. Her expertise in business, leadership and communication is evident throughout her programs. Andrea’s results in creating successful
co-ed teams and improving corporate cultures demonstrate her expertise in communication and leadership. Participants walk away with high content, high energy and a skillset to make a difference.

You have heard this before about other speakers, so...


  • All audiences walk away with information while being inspired to be leaders in their lives, work,  family and community
  • Andrea speaks to corporations, business organizations, sales forces, entrepreneurial groups, associations, the military, colleges and universities
  • Andrea motivates leaders and  team members
  • Andrea has a positive impact on  the family lives of the attendees which will result in better performance at work